Of all happiness, the best one is healthy society and the backbone of our society is our youths. But heart rending to note that rapid globalization of drugs and alcohol have been looming large in the horizon of our social life. The addiction in drugs and alcohol is paralyzing our society at large. The addicts and alcoholics due to their bad habits, times and again fall prey into the trap of evil drugs and alcohols. But why? Because they have no place in society, no chance to live a normal life. This degradation has been taking away the peace and happiness of addicts and their families.


DISHA FOUNDATION, SILCHAR- a non Govt. Organisation, registered under Societies Act. is a home for such addicts for total recovery and rehabilitation located at the campus of SUNLIT hospital, National High Way, Silchar, Cachar.


On the 6th August, 2006, we started the rehabilitation centre with the active support of few workers, Silchar Medical College, NIT and Assam University in a rented building of M/S Sunlit Hospital for the addicts of whole Barak Valley zone and its surrounding areas like N.C. Hills, Mizoram and Tripura etc.

The centre is run with the help of donation from public and a nominal monthly fee received from the inmates of the centre.


Method of treatment is done here through Naturopathy, like, counselling, group discussion, mental recreation, meditation, yoga, pranayam, self-help and perseverance. The well experienced counsellors devote their constant watch and promote helpful guidance. After full recovery the addicts go back to their healthy lives but we still maintain a close touch with them. Reputed physicians examines the health of the inmates in a regular interval. Sometimes, the serious inmates are referred to Medical institution.


It is our proud privilege to mention here that a large number of addicts and alcoholics, after full recovery rehabilitated to the society and have been living their normal lives. Under the pressure of growing need we have also started a female addicts facility with close attention and security. We feel proud of mentioning that a few recovering addicts are making themselves engaged in this centre  and devote their services profoundly to Disha Foundation. Over and above, for the sake of resistance of evil effects of drugs and alcohol, we arrange awareness programmes and extend our co-operation with the Govt. programmes for de-addiction for the betterment of society in commensuration with help and guidance from the Dept. of Social Welfare. Govt. of Assam, Silchar.


The performance of the Disha Foundation is certified by the District Social Welfare Office, Cachar, Silchar, Chairman, Municipal Board, Hailakandi District and the Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar with high appreciation.